Uber & Lyft Shutdown in Austin, TX after Proposition 1 Defeat


What a sad day for Austinites…

Prop 1 fails, marking defeat for Uber and Lyft in Austin

And this is coming from a fellow Austinite. Crazy thing is, I had a friend who just recently quit his job to do Uber full-time because he had so much faith in the opportunity and his average take home pay was $500 that he received for just ONE weekend! All this political, anti-Uber shenanigans is what I call, a bad case of government intervention.


Uber is a service that prompts new users to create an account via the website or the phone application to become an Uber Partner once approved by meeting certain requirements. After approval, Uber-Partners were given the ability to drive within the city to begin the commuting service for Uber-Consumers and get paid for their efforts. I feel like this was a great stepping stone opportunity for citizens in different regions to make extra money, or to even use it as a full-time replacement income.  I currently live in Austin, TX as I am originally from this city, and in the shadows of dissent; have seen many public occasions of Anti-Uber movements spawn in the city. From UT students holding up signs reading, “F*ck Uber” to disgruntled Taxi drivers expressing their frustrations.


I feel like alot of people, regardless of age, see the business practices of these “ride sharing” companies as being no different than unregulated taxi services and want them to comply with reasonable/legitimate passenger  laws. In retrospect, maybe Uber-Partners felt like they weren’t getting properly compensated enough, and in unison- having to deal with the wear and tear on vehicles that they’d be dishing out financially for upkeep and maintenance. I’m sure there are totally different perspectives to this phenomena that Non Uber-Partners such as myself haven’t quite dissected.

In the article I posted above, it states that “earlier in the week Lyft said if the ordinance fails, they will also leave on Monday and will cease their operations at 5 a.m. ( KXAN)” which I found very unfortunate as it seems the ‘backup’ or ‘Plan B’ option to Uber has also backed out.

However, I have heard that Austin also has a third, alternative ride sharing option called GetMe. This is good news.* Hopefully that will give former Uber-Partners a bit of hope as another chance to continue on with such an opportunity. Either way, the City of Austin will continue to thrive and I can be almost certain that this isn’t the end of any future related opportunities.



9-5 Job v.s Pursuing your Dreams (Amazing Youtube Comment)

Sadly, alot of us (especially the younger adult crowd) are suffering in fear and dismay of either pursuing our dreams, or sticking with the career that pays. I think the #1 reason why we suffer from this ‘Tug O’ War’ phase is because we fear that our passions, dreams and aspirations will not support us financially, due to the hard times that we are currently and have been facing. This ultimately leads to feelings of uneasiness, disdain and unmotivation. Deep down inside, we all wish we could just find a way to bridge our natural born talents to a financial tether that could support us without worrying about ‘paying our bills’ or running out of money. Ultimately, due to these negative emotions we feel like we are forced into  immersion of this monotonous lifestyle until something ‘pops up’ out of the blue. A draw of luck per say….a blessing from above- a shake of the ‘right’ hand. Whatever you want to call it.

When I have talks with people about this particular dilemma, I often tell them this. As I feel like this breaks this whole thing down much better and gives people a clearer understanding of the concept. There are 2 types of people in this world and every single human on this planet breaks down into one of these 2 categories.

People who live for stability and security. 


And People who live for freedom and expression. 


The people who live for stability and security are the ones who, even though they may possess multiple talents, already have it hardwired into their brains to pursue a lifestyle of stability and security. These are the ones who are so adamant and determined to earn that college degree and rack up whatever other forms of education they can accumulate over time. These are the ones who have no problem going to work day in and day out, because what’s important to them is the stable ‘paycheck’ and earned salary.  In retrospect, some of these individuals deep down inside constantly go through periods of doubt or boredom where they often feel like they are at the ‘wrong place’ and that there must be something better that provides more freedom. But because they have already conditioned and prepared themselves for such a career, they figured, “what’s the point of leaving now?” Not only that, but the more time that passes, the more it makes it harder for them to make the transition due to the subconscious commitment they have already placed themselves into.

And then you have the second type: The type that I myself fall under. The people who live for freedom and expression. These are the free-spirits, the ‘risk takers’ of the planet who instead prefer to hone in their natural talents and abilities and pursue a career that revolves around just that. They live in silence, but hope that one day the passions they share with others will make all the noise. They seek self-expression through art. They dread the monotonous, repetitive lifestyle. They prefer to have the ability to move around, travel and live life ‘on the fly’ rather than feeling stuck in one place for long periods of time. The problem with this is that it undoubtedly requires alot more creativity, drive and determination to even take the first few steps. The reason for that is because these types of people understand the reality. The REALITY that security and stability is harder to come by when you follow your dreams because making alot of money wasn’t even your concern in the first place. Thus, the concern in the first place was wondering how and when you’ll be able to make a living for yourself doing what you love.

But the truth about all this, is that life comes with no guarantees.

So those who prefer a lifestyle of stability and security, cannot assume that that stability and security will last forever because anything can happen at any given moment.

And those who prefer a lifestyle of freedom and expression, might one day expect the possibility that they may be placed in unfortunate circumstances that could shift their entire world overnight.

The point I’m trying to make is that no matter which one of these types you fall under, there are pros and cons to both. Risks and rewards for both. So what should we do about all this???

Interestingly enough, right before writing this post I just so happened to be ‘Googling’ about this topic to read up on forums and get a broader scope of the thoughts and ideas of others who analyze these exact points. And maybe this is a sign or some sort of divine intuition, but I came across a video on Youtube which involved a Ted-Talk about “Following Your Dreams”.


And like all Youtube videos, within seconds of viewing; I immediately scroll down to see what others are talking about in the comments. And this is the comment that I found (below). No need for me to even continue on with this post in my own words as this comment has an extremely powerful message behind it and sums up everything I wanted to convey and more. Enjoy….

“My co-worker and I had a running bet. We both hated our jobs and each put up $500 to the first one to quit. I still text him every now and then and ask how the old job is treating him, same as always he would reply. I think every year that you don’t follow your passion, the thicker the career skin grows. Every year this skin grows thicker and thicker, encapsulating all your hopes, dreams and ambitions. Until one year, you just give in. You accept your position in the world and throw in the towel, you are an (_____) and that is what you will be until you retire. “Well, at least I’ll have my retirement years, that will be fun.” I hate to tell people to quit their job to follow their passions, but quit your jobs and follow your passions! The more people who do, the more people will get the needed encouragement to do the same. It’s not about luck, it’s about breaking through the fear. I have fear everyday, I don’t know if my new business venture will work out, but at least I’m going to give it a shot. I’d be more disappointed if I didn’t try at all vs failing. I listened to an audiobook “30 Lessons for Living” a few weeks before I quit. You need to read it. This guy interviewed 100s of elderly people and asked them what they would do differently. One of the questions was about a career change. “Spending 2000 hours a year at a job you hate is a waste of life,” is how one of them replied. The consensus of most was to just find something else, anything else. Don’t live in misery. ”


Thankyou Jason Ray.


My Crazy Hostel Stories (Part 1, Story 1)

Ever heard the term, “I’ve seen it all“? Well with what I’m about to share with you,  you’re about to find out that that’s an understatement. But I can still cosign it. Back in late February of 2014 I moved  from the Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico to work at a Youth Hostel for the sheer purpose of fun and life experience. I signed up for a Youth Hostel, but I didn’t know my interview would be an audition for what I call,  a season of “The Real World” (Puerto Rico Edition). Because that’s exactly what I blindly led myself into.

No seriously, that’s exactly what it felt like. It was an AMAZING, eye-opening experience nonetheless. But when I tell you I’ve witnessed the strangest of situations, people and drama while living the Hostel life, I absolutely mean it. Every single thing I have seen and experienced while living in Puerto Rico, I will remember for a lifetime. I think one of the greatest things that came out of this experience, is all of the interesting stories I’ll have for my future grandchildren (once they reach the age of maturity).  So let’s start with a super strange occurrence that happened my second week working at the Hostel….

One day while I was cooking in the kitchen (known as the Common room) at the Hostel, and older man who looked to be in his 50’s came walking in. Very friendly man, he was very talkative and loved to share his travel stories with the other guests. He was also a chef who liked to cook alot as it seemed like he came through with new bags of groceries every few hours. And he shared his food with everyone. One time he was putting together a mean pot of ‘Jerk Chicken’, other times he would make a delicious strawberry shortcake. Just an all around cool person, or….so it seemed by first impression…..

A few days later I was on the early morning shift working at the front desk, checking in new guests. Next thing you know,  the U.S Marshall’s swiftly show up on the Hostel doorsteps. They came in and immediately me and the guests were in a state of shock. Now one thing I’d like to add before I go any further is that when it comes to Hostels, check-in/outs are a seamless process that does not require a background check. Got it? Good. Now I’ll continue….

The U.S Marshall’s asked me if the manager was on site and I responded that the manager was out running errands. Then one of the Marshall’s shows his badge with a picture of a    “WANTED” man they’ve been searching for, who fled the United States to land in Puerto Rico with the intent of hiding and escaping whatever it is he did. Turns out, this so-called “WANTED” man was a convicted child-molester, who’s every move and transaction was being tracked before and after he left the US. When I saw the picture of the man, immediately I said to myself, “What the f*ck?!?!?!”


Guess who the man was? Yup, you guessed it. It was Mr.Chef-checked into Room #3 on the first floor next to the common room. As soon as I broke the news to them that the man they were looking for was a guest in the building, they immediately called for ‘back-up’. Not even, FIVE seconds later, you see about TEN U.S Marshall’s dash up the stairway and through the outside hall of the first floor. I led them to the room and was quickly told to stand back.

*Knock knock knock* “U.S MARSHALL’S OPEN UP”

No response….

*Knock knock knock* “U.S MARSHALL’S OPEN UP, YOU HAVE 5 SECONDS”.

Still no response….

I gave them the key and they entered the room and found the man awoken for a rude awakening. I have never in my life seen the true face of ‘FEAR’ until I saw the look on this man’s face. They immediately hand-cuffed him and confiscated all of his belongings. As they rushed through the room, I went back to the front office to finish checking in the guests, who were appalled themselves by what just happened. After finalizing the check-in, I gave them a light smile and said, “welcome”.  About 10 minutes later after answering a few of their questions in regards to local attractions, I led them out of the office to give them a tour of the Hostel. As I looked around, there were cop vehicles lined up and down the street. And right before going down the stairs, I stood and watched as the handcuffed man ‘Mr.Chef’, was being taken off. I will never forget, right before getting in the police vehicle he glanced back at me one last time with the face of fear, shame, and just pure evil as I looked back at him with disgust. His facial expression literally sent shivers down my spine I’ll never forget it…

And this was just my SECOND week working at the Hostel. The stories get alot more stranger and interesting than this, so we’re just getting started. In the meantime, search around the net for ‘Strange Hostel Stories’ and you’ll find many others who share their experiences of working in the Hostel. Till this day I still think about everything that happened. And as I look back, as a result I feel much more appreciative than creeped-out because I feel like it was a chance for me to see the ‘REAL WORLD’ and what really goes on in hind-sight. Just another chapter to add to the scrap book of my ‘ADULT LIFE’…..

Stay tuned for the next story…..

Want to escape the rat race? STOP CHASING THE CHEESE!


Seriously, I hear people all the time complain about how bad they want to escape the rat race. But they keep chasing the cheese and staying in the race. Why?

Because people are more focused on the image they can project to the outside world by accumulating prestigious, material possessions. Just go on any social media site and you’ll find people who seek the approval of others.The main-underlying problem is EGO. Ego has separated families, and ego has caused many people to lose sight of what’s REALLY important in life and what REALLY matters. Empathy and sympathy has been replaced with ego and pride.

Do you really feel like material possessions will present you with a better life? Let’s humble down and take a step back. You have to remember that everything good that happens in life first starts from within. Don’t let your ego be your downfall because I have witnessed it first-hand a number of times.

Is it bad to have material possessions? Definitely not. Everyone at some point in their lives would like to experience having nice things. But the problem arises once you allow these things to get to your head.

The worst feeling in life is being caught up in the matrix with no goal, dream or vision. This is what curates a slave. What good is it to wake up early everyday, and rush to work in rush hour traffic, working and slaving to help someone else accomplish their dreams?? You MUST have a GOAL, A DREAM, A VISION. Only then is it not so bad. Unless you have these 3 things, you are living the life of a robot. Sorry but it’s the truth.

Don’t be a victim of the matrix for the rest of your life.  Escape the rat race because the grass may not always be greener on the other side, but you’ll never know unless you take a peek over the fence and LOOK.  My dad always told me that life is divided up into 3 different paths. The path of Career, the path of talent, and the path of fun. 

The Path of Career– This is your main career path that you should strive to establish.  Whether this involves going to college or not, whether you learned it in a brick & mortar or are completely self taught. Whether it’s more technical, or more artsy. The Path of Career is your main source of income to provide you with a living and help you cover your finances. This can also be called “The Fallback”. When everything else fails, this is the fallback that you ‘land on’. The foundation to help get yourself back on your feet. This is your Plan A.

The Path of Talent– Everyone in this world is born with some kind of natural gift. EVERYONE….the only setback is that not everyone discovers this gift. If you already have a talent that you know you’re good at, this is what you probably spend part of  your free-time doing. When the career aspects have dwindled down for the day/week, you take time aside to focus on your passion. Which ultimately helps propel you through life as it brings you an abundance of joy and challenges. In some cases it may not provide you with money and that’s completely ok. Money doesn’t always have to be a factor with talents. However, if money is something that you look forward to as a result of such talents, it WILL come eventually. The trick is to not focus on it so much, and let the universe work it’s magic so that the money will present itself to you when you least expect it.

The Path of Fun- This is pretty much self-explanatory. Everyone has something that they enjoy doing strictly for the sole-purpose of ‘fun’. Whether it’s going to the movies, riding a bike, traveling, sky diving, whatever. FUN is very important in life as it keeps your dendrites tingling and reminds you that life doesn’t always have to be lived in black and white. Fun is where the ‘color’ shines. So have at it!



“A Walk in the Woods”- The Most Bone-Chilling Short Story I’ve EVER Read…


A friend of mine emailed this short story to me titled “A Walk in the Woods” some years back and it has always stuck with me up until this very date. Unfortunately the first and last name of the author is unknown as it was posted online via anonymity under a username instead. At the time of receiving it, I saved it in my email archives and just recently stumbled upon it. I couldn’t help but share it here on the Peoplesbrain blog….

It’s one of the scariest, most bone-chilling  pieces of literature I’ve ever read. I believe this story to be written by an Indian author. At the end of the story it leaves you in a surrendered state of suspense and wonderment. Hopefully you catch my drift after reading it…. if you liked this story I will be posting more of these! Enjoy folks!

‘A Walk in the Woods’ by Sapansaxena

“A few minutes more, before the town begins”, she told herself as she kept walking in a hurry. As she crossed the trekking paths, she heard a faint rustle of leaves behind her back. She turned around and saw a guy at some distance walking on the path with a backpack on his bags. She felt he looked at her and started walking towards her. She turned back and continued walking towards her cottage. After what seemed to be a minute, she again turned around and saw that the man had closed the gap between them and was fast approaching her. She turned back and further increased her pace. She was almost running now as she heard rustle of dried leaves which she had crossed just a while back. The man had increased his speed too. As she crossed a shade towards her left, she jumped towards the shade and picked up a small dried wooden stick lying near the pile of leaves. As Sumit approached the shades, where he had seen the girl jump towards, he stopped near the shades and started walking towards them. All of a sudden, Roshni jumped out of nowhere and started beating Sumit with the stick.

“Hey! Wait!”, he exclaimed.

“What are you doing? “You were trying to follow me”, she said as she kept beating him with the stick.
“Calm down, first of all”, he said, smiling. “That joke of a stick is doing no damage except tiring you off.”

“Why were you following me?”, she asked.

“I saw you walking alone, and just thought of helping you out.”

“I dont need your help. I can manage on my own”, she said, half out of breath. “You go your own way, and I will go on my own….”

“Listen, I am walking towards the town where I have a stay, and so are you.. We can walk together, it would be a good company for both of us.” “I dont need your company”

“Alright!”, he said, defeated.

“You walk ahead of me, and I will walk behind you. That way we wont be together, and I wont have to worry about you.” “You dont have to worry about me. I can manage on my own.”, she said and crossed him to walk towards the town. He started walking behind her.

“You live here?”, he said.

“I dont think I need to answer that.”, she said and kept walking. “And besides I dont want to talk.”

“Hey! Whats the harm in a little chat while we walk towards the town. Saves us from getting bored.” She kept quiet and continued walking.

“What’s your name?”, he asked after a few moments.

She didnt reply. “I am Sumit and I live on the other side of this hill. I came here alone for a short trek.”.She still kept quiet. “Whats your name?”


“And what are you doing here alone in the woods?”, he asked while increasing his pace and coming next to Roshni.

“I often visit these woods. I come to write poems here.”

“Ohh! You are a poet! Great! You can tell me some of your poems and we will be near town in no time”, he said as she looked back.

“My poems are not for others. I write them for myself”, she said looking away from him as she kept walking.

“You gotta be kidding me. Whats the use of writing, when you dont show it to anyone.” She didnt reply and kept walking.

“Hmm! If you dont want to tell them, its your choice. Now lets walk faster towards the town, and then I can drop you to your cottage before it gets too late.”

“The weather is so romantic today!”, she said as he looked over the horizon at the strings of trees in vicinity.

“You know whats the best thing about Darjeeling?”, he said. “No matter what the season is, the woods are always beautiful.” “And is that the reason you travel daily all across the hill to enjoy the weather in the woods? ” “Of course, Not!”, he looked back at her.”The reason is you. And, that restuarant near your cottage. The Kadhi Chawal is a killer” She smiled back at him.

“Hey! Roshni”, he faced her and held her hands. “Why dont we get married?”

“Sumit, its only been a month since we met.”

“Yes, I understand that. But, it happens when it has to, and no one cares about how much time two people have spent together. Dont you love me?” Her face dropped all of a sudden and she appeared sad.

“I do love you, Sumit. But…”

“What is it?”, asked Sumit.

“There is something I need to tell you.”

“Tell me, then. Who is stopping you?”

“That you may no longer want to be with me, forget even proposing me to marry.”

“How stupid would that sound. There is nothing which would stop me from being with you.” She still appeared sad and didnt say anything.

“Fine! If you dont want to talk about it, we can talk later. Totally up to you.”

She smiled and looked away from him. “Hey! Remember we met in the same woods almost a month back”, he said, trying to cheer her up.

“Of course I do!”

“And you tried hitting me with that small stick”, he said as both of them laughed together.

“I thought you were stalking me!”

“Well, I was actually!”, he said.

“What?”, she said looking at him with raised brows.

“Nothing! Just kidding!”, he winked at her. She looked at him for some time then smiled back at him.

“So, what shall we talk about?”, he said looking at her. “The weather, the mountains. the lake, the trees. Why, how come you are short of stuff to talk to me?” “Alright, lets talk about…”, he said and paused for a moment, when all of a sudden reached towards her bag and pulled out a blue diary, “your poems”.

“No! Wait! Give it back to me!”, she almost shouted as she tried to get the diary back from him.”

“I dont think so! Today your poems may get their first reader!”, he said as he pulled back and got up on his feet.He started to fiddle with the pages, as she got up and made a leap towards him.

“Hey ! Hey! You wont be able to win this back from me unless I am done with all your poems”, he said and started running casually towards the bridge.

“Give it back to me!”, Roshni shouted almost complaining and ran towards the bridge as Sumit had almost crossed and reached on the other side.

“So, the title of the first poem here is ‘Walk in the woods’. How apt!”, he said as Roshni tried to pace up, when her left foot got stuck and she tripped over. As she fell, her right leg. jerked forward and her right leg’s caliper sprung a couple of feet ahead of her, as it slide and reached near Sumit. Sumit stood where he was with the blue diary in his hands as he looked towards the stranded caliper lying near him. He looked up and saw a scared Roshni crying with tears in her eyes. He kept the diary in his pocket, and walked slowly towards the caliper as he picked it up. He was still searching for words as he walked slowly towards Roshni.

“Is this what…”, he said, almost whispering, as words came out of his mouth in irregular intervals,”you didn’t tell”

“I was in love with him!”, she shouted and started sobbing loudly.”Could have done anything for him, but he humiliated me for my handicap.”

“Who humiliated you?’, he asked, now more composed.

“There was a guy, had come from Mumbai on a trip with his friends. We met here, in these very woods, and we were so much in love. He had even proposed me, and before I could even tell him about my accident and my handicap, he came to learn of it when I slipped near the lake. He picked up the caliper in both his hands, and threw it over me. He kept spewing venom and I kept crying. I wasn’t even aware when he left, all I remember was a chilly dark night, and my walk back to town alone.”, she was shuddering as she cried and coughed in between.

“And, you thought I will also…”, he spoke softly but didn’t complete.

“Yes, I knew you would also humiliate me. I knew the day you will learn of my secret, you will despise me, hate me.”

Sumit picked up the caliper in both his hands, and kneeled besides her. She was still crying and looking at him with empty eyes. He offered to fix the caliper back her leg, and she extended her amputated leg towards him. He fixed he leg back, and hugged her, tears in his eyes.

“I am really sorry for whatever happened in your past. But now, you will never cry, thats my promise. I love you, and thats all what matters now.”, he said softly as she held him tightly. “I really hope this Tiger Hill is a nice place to get married.”, he said as she closed the door of the car. “Dont worry, I am sure you will love it. The first rays of sun falling on the mountain peaks. Its out of this world” “Any place with you, I love it”, he said and smiled as she smiled back. “We will need to get the tank full. Tiger Hill doesnt have much option of a petrol pump, and its a good distance from here” He nodded and started the engine. After a few minutes they were standing at the next petrol pump.

“Full tank, please”, Sumit said to the only attendant there. As Roshni reached out for her purse, Sumit stopped her.
“Its fine, I can pay this.

You already have paid for all the bookings, the arrangements, my suit, and everything. At least I can pay for petrol.”

“You forgot my dress.”, she smiled mischievously. ”

Of course, your dress. A special mention! See, the point is..out of us two, I am the one with ideas, and you are the one with money. The reason, we are a perfect combination. After marriage, let us buy one more cottage in Siliguri, or Kalimpong.”

“Of course sir, as you say! But, lets move fast as sun will set in almost an hour and it will be dark soon.”

“What the hell!!”, exclaimed Sumit. “Why? What happened?”, asked Roshni, coming out of the tiring slumber.

“Its been only two hours into our journey, and the tank is almost empty.”

“What? How is that possible? We got the tank full, right?”

“Exactly! And the fuel meter says its almost empty!”

“Did you not check it once during the drive? I think I slept the whole time.”

“No, it never occurred to me to check the speed with which fuel meter was dropping because we got enough fuel to last the entire journey. Not even  when I stopped by to relieve myself.”

“You left me alone sleeping in the car? How careless of you, Sumit?”

“Hey! Relax! I kept the AC running, and I was near the car all the time.”

“You could have checked the fuel when you got back! Now what do we gonna do?”

“Relax! I can see some light at a distance. Seems to be some inn or a motel of some sorts.”

The car stopped near the shady guest house. Sumit got out first and opened the door for Roshni. They  entered the dimly lit hall with one bulb hanging over a table behind which an old man was sitting.

“Excuse Me! Is there a petrol pump nearby? We are short of fuel”, said Sumit The old man looked at Sumit, then Roshni and then back at Sumit.

“No, sir! The nearest petrol pump is 10 kms away, and that closes in evening itself. We have very little diesel which we use in generators. I think that would fetch you no purpose.”

“Is there a room available where we can stay for the night? How much would be the cost?”

“We have only room here, sir. That costs 1000 Rs per night. The room has a small balcony and a bathroom attached. Payment will be made in advance.”

Sumit turned to Roshni,”1000 Rs please. I do not have much cash.”

Roshni opened her purse and gave him a 1000 Rs note, while Sumit filled in the details in the hotel register. Roshni entered the room first as her hand searched for the switchboard on the side wall. Sumit walked over to the opposite wall and switched the light on. Roshni looked at him, surprised.

“How did you know the switch was on the opposite wall?”

“I could see it when I entered the room.”

“The room is pitch black with darkness. I wasn’t able to see anything.”

“You must be kidding. There is some faint light from outside and I could see the switchboard, Anyways, how does it matter?”


“Anyways, let me ask the receptionist if there is something we can eat, and then get to sleep. The petrol pumps open up at 8 in the morning.”

“I need to go to the washroom.”

Sumit moved across Roshni and opened up a door on the opposite wall and switched on the light.”Here you are”, he said.

“How did you know the bathroom was across the room?”, asked Roshni, surprised.

“What else could it be”, smirked Sumit.

“There are three doors besides the main door, and you were able to identify the one to the bathroom. What if it was the door to the balcony?

“Then I would have tried the next door, sweetheart”, said Sumit assuringly.

Roshni still had signs of  confusion on her face as she looked at Sumit. All of a sudden, there was a knock on the door. Sumit went and opened the door. There was the receptionist with a tray in his hands which  seemed to have food covered by some old looking plates.

“Oh! I was just going to ask you for food. Great that you thought ahead for us.”

“That’s alright sir. I fear the food would be a tad too simple for your liking. Here is some hot Kadhi Chawal for you, sir.”

“Kadhi Chawal?”, asked Roshni, surprised again. She looked at Sumit,

“How did he know that you like Kadhi Chawal”

“Ohh! Come on Roshni”, said Sumit, growing impatient.

“How would I know how was he able to cook up my favourite dish? Maybe that was all what was left with him.”

He turned to the receptionist, his back towards Roshni,

“am I right, sir?”

“Yes, of course.”, he nodded and closed the door behind him….


Sumit went ahead and hugged Roshni,

“Roshni, why are you getting paranoid? Relax. I think this sudden halt at this place is wearing you out.”

Roshni hugged him back and nodded. She looked at the other two doors.

“The receptionist told one of them is balcony, what about the other one?” she asked. Sumit broke the hug and moved towards the first door. He tried opening it, but the door seemed to be lock.

“This could be the door to some private room. And the other one could be balcony.”

“It’s OK”, she said.

“Let it be.”, she said and slowly moved towards the bathroom. As soon as she moved in, Sumit picked up the receiver of the phone kept in the corner and dialed some number. Roshni wiped her face with the towel kept near the wash basin. She looked into the mirror and dabbled the corners of her eyes. All of a sudden, the power went off, and it was pitch black inside the bathroom.

“Sumit!”; she shouted stuck at where she was but no one responded.

“Sumit!”, she called again, this time louder, but was again met with complete silence. She slowly moved towards the door and tried to move the knob of the door, which seemed to be stuck. She panicked, as the very faint light from the window of the bathroom entered. She held the knob with both her hands and tried to push the door with all her energy. The door seemed to flinch a bit, but was still locked.


she shouted at the top of her voice, but no one responded. She stopped for a moment and then used every last bit of energy of her body to push, when the door cracked and opened up. There was darkness all over the room and Sumit, was not there. She slowly moved to where she had kept her bags, until she found them. She quickly brought up her mobile phones, which showed no signals. She activated the flash light of her phone and looked around. The front door seemed to be lock from outside. Feeling suffocated, she moved towards the third door and unlatched it. A very pungent whiff of air hit her hard as she opened the balcony. Covering her nose, she tried to adjust her  eyes to the darkness and look for the source of the smell. After a few seconds, she saw what appeared to be chunks of unearthed soil bunked into huge heaps all over the ground. There were flies and other insects buzzing around the chunks.

“Shit!”, she exclaimed and closed the door behind her. She picked up the knife from the tray the receptionist had brought earlier. Panicked, she started shouting,

“Sumit! Help!”

but no one listened…..

She tried to open the main door, but it was locked heavily from outside. She proceeded to the third door and tired to open it , when with a jerk, the door opened to another room. Surprisingly, this room had a small lit bulb and an wooden almirah on the side.

“Must be powered on by generator”,

she said under her breath and tried to calm herself, as she moved towards the wooden almirah and opened it with a sunken heart. There were almost a dozen caliper legs kept in the almirah, with a date tag attached to each one of them. All of a sudden there was noise outside, the light had came back as Sumit, unlocked the front door with his left hand as he tightly held a pistol in his right hand.

“Roshni!”, he called out, but she didn’t reply.

“Rohni!  Sweetheart! Where are you?”,

he called again with a smooth tone, but there was no reply. His eyes met the third opened door, as he crawled towards it with the pisto placed in front.

“Come on sweetheart! Where are you?”

As he entered the room and took a few steps forward, Roshni jumped from behind and stabbed the knife into Sumit with all her might. A chunk of flesh alongwith blood spurted out as he fell on the floor.

“What the!!”, he exclaimed with pain.

“Have you gone mad?”

“You were trying to kill me! You knew this place! There are dead bodies all over the ground.”

“What dead bodies! Shit!!”, he exclaimed as he saw streams of blood running into his shirt.

“I went out to look for the cause of power outage!”, he tried to speak suppressing the pain.

“I saw a  hound trying to break into the hotel, and shot him with my pistol. I swear I wasnt trying to kill you. I was cautious as I heard your scream”

“You are lying! Lying! Lying!”, she shouted hysterically.

“You are lying from the very first time  you met me. I tried to ignore your lies but you kept on lying! You knew me before meeting in the woods didn’t you? You knew about my handicap?”

“No, Roshni! I swear!”, he started.

“Again you are lying! That’s what you thought, right, that’s what you do! Bring helpless people with calipers here and kill them and keep the calipers as a memento of your bloody victory.”

“Alright, Roshni! I was lying. I knew you before we met in the woods. I knew about your handicap. I still followed and tried to help you because I was lusting for your money. I accept that! But, I was really trying to marry you today and not kill you. God! Why would I kill you.”

“Liar! Pathetic liars! That’s what you men are good at. That’s what you men will always do. You are  lying once again! You came here to kill me!”

, she said as the anger in her grew visually up. Sensing her anger, Sumit jerked all of a sudden and reached towards his gun. Roshni judged his intentions and stabbed Sumit once again in the chest.

“Why do you want to kill me, Roshni”, said Sumit, crying.

“I loved you. I was going to marry you.”

“Because…”, she paused for a moment…….

“You also wanted to kill me.”

, she said and stabbed him one final time. Sumit let out a hoarse cry as his lifeless body let out a final hint of breath. Roshni got up as the receptionist entered the room and dragged the body away. Roshni removed her caliper, attached a note to it, wrote down the date and kept it in the wooden almirah. As she crossed the bridge, she heard him call out for her. She increased her speed as she felt him fast approaching her. She turned all of a sudden as he was taken aback. “Why were you following me?”, she asked. “I saw you walking alone, and just thought of helping you out.” “I don’t need your help. I can manage on my own”, she said, half out of breath. “You go your own way, and I will go on my own….”

-The End

List of highest paying jobs with NO college degree required


I’ve often been told from time to time that entering a skilled trade career is the best way to go if you have no post-secondary education past High School, or even if you didn’t even finish High School. Many of us aren’t happy with our current day jobs, whether the reasons for that are personal or financial.  Not to mention many of us have no jobs at all.  And then there’s the remnant us who who aren’t even sure what we want to do with tour lives. All in all, we’re striving to provide a better life for ourselves and our families. They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but it’s for damn sure more comfortable to cry in a new car, than on a bicycle. No worries though, because if there’s a will, there’s always a way. Maybe you want to afford to buy a new house. Maybe you want to save more money or build up enough funds for investing? Perhaps travel the world? Maybe you want a job that REQUIRES travel around the world? Do not fall for the myth that you’ll only be successful if you finish college because common sense, various statistics and real world examples prove otherwise.

Infographic-3And don’t forget the painstaking amount of debt you’d be evading. Now if you still seek the degree,  believe me there are a number of alternatives to obtaining a college degree without dealing with the back splash to an extent. In addition, maybe the profession you desire strictly REQUIRES  a college degree. But there’s a reason why you came across this article in the first place right? Now of course college isn’t a negative impulse and it can grant you with knowledge and an unforgettable experience, but it’s simply not for everyone. Hell, it wasn’t for me. In my own experience, I walked down the traditional path of ‘college is the way’ and although I’ve created some wonderful memories, it just didn’t quite work out for me. In fact, college to me was more of a ‘fun factor’, that also taught me some very valuable lessons on life in general. Ultimately, I instead chose a different path which consisted of racking up real world experience with various jobs, self-made projects, collaborations and skill targeted certifications. This all stems from being a self-taught programmer as a teen, and from then on I expanded my expertise. As a result-not only have I worked comfortable paying jobs at a young age, but overtime I acquired hands on, in-demand skills that could help me reach horizons. Not only that but I am self employed with good spending habits and am able to live comfortably off of my own income in unison with my lifestyle. But what if I told you that you could make a healthy salary with no education past High School?  What if I told you that the majority of these high paying careers pay all the way up to $300k+? Here, I have compiled a long list of the highest paying jobs with no college degree needed…

(obviously with the exception of training, extended training, security clearance and/or a cert. or 2 for some careers…) Google any of the jobs listed below for more info and pay-scales. 

2 stars “**” (next to it means that it includes guaranteed travel)
3 stars “***” (next to it means it is a top paying job)

PROGRAMMER (one of my professions!)**
SERVER/BARTENDER (in the right city)
PC TECHNICIAN  (I’m certified in this)
CURRENCY/STOCK TRADER (one of my professions)***
GARBAGEMAN (The dirty jobs tend to get paid alot more than you’d think due to the fact that people think they’re too ‘purdy’ and ‘smart’ for dirty jobs such as this one….)
BLOGGER (includes travel!)**
RESIDENTIAL WINDOW CLEANING (Especially in a wealthy area/neighborhood)
ANY ENTRY LEVEL POSITION FOR THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES: Att, Cisco, HP, Apple, Microsoft, EMC, NetApp, Oracle, VM ware, Symantec, Intel, Amd, IBM, Lenovo, CommVault, Acer, Toshiba, Sony.
SEWER MAINTENANCE (see Garbageman above)
PHOTOGRAPHER** (hobby of mine)
GADGET REPAIR (phones, tablets, various devices…)
FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (great starting pay and fast rises in the pay grade)
TRAIN CONDUCTOR (for the railroad)***
SYSTEM ADMIN (what I went to college for)
Ever seen the show “DEADLIEST CATCH“? These men work in nightmarish weather conditions catching king crabs. In retrospect, they catch gobs of money as well… ***
HACKER (White-hat/ethical)**  *smirk*
AIRLINE PILOT (yes, years and years of training  with no degree needed but high paying once accomplished)***
TUGBOAT CAPTAIN*** (Easily the HIGHEST paid of the list)
BANQUET CAPTAIN (at large hotels)

Hopefully by scrolling through the above list, you have a broader idea of what you are trying to achieve career-wise. All of the jobs listed above are real, high in demand jobs that will hire anyone with vision and a pulse…. You just have to do the research and homework on your own to become better informed on such careers. Don’t give up people, many times when you feel like you’ve exhausted all options, you come across people, opportunities, or articles like this helping you reach the next step. You have two paths in life, you either take the path of loath and regret, ‘wishing’ you did something sooner, or you believe that there is a staircase waiting for you in which you take that next step.

The worst mistake you can make in life however….is believing that the way the rules are set now is the ONLY way it can be. Don’t fall for that!



Keanu Reeves Powerful Message | Quotes about Life


Millions of people worldwide are being moved by these deep and soul abiding words from a very iconic actor, none other than the famous Keanu Reeves:

“I cannot be part of a world where men dress their wives as prostitutes by showing everything that should be cherished. Where there is no concept of honor and dignity, and one can only rely on those when they say “I promise” .

Where women do not want children, and men don’t want a family.

Where the suckers believe themselves to be successful behind the wheel of their fathers` cars, and a father who has a little bit of power is trying to prove to you that you’re a nobody.

Where people falsely declare that they believe in God with a shot of alcohol in their hand, and the lack of any understanding of their religion.

Where the concept of jealousy is considered shameful, and modesty is a disadvantage.

Where people forgot about love, but simply looking for the best partner.

Where people repair every rustle of their car, not sparing any money nor time, and themselves , they look so poor that only an expensive car can hide it.

Where the boys waste their parents money in nightclubs, aping under the primitive sounds, and girls fall in love with them for this.

Where men and women are no longer ago identifiable and where all this together is called freedom of choice, but for those who choose a different path-get branded as retarded despots.

I choose my path, but it’s a pity that I did not find similar understanding in the people among whom I wished to find it most of all … “

~ Keanu Reeves

Traveling abroad to follow my dreams *2016*

Hello ladies and gents, welcome to my first post of 2016. Now that I’m 23 years old and still in the early stages of figuring out my life path, it’s hard enough to stay in one place when I’ve already caught the wanderlust bug.  It’s the one bug that I wouldn’t harm…  It’s also hard to be talented in a field that flies over the heads of most of your fellow locals and goes unnoticed under the radar.  My name is Brandon and I am a struggling Electronic Music Producer/DJ trying to keep myself afloat in the abysmal pool of mainstream/pop or EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

I won’t say that I absolutely hate or despise mainstream/pop EDM music. Everything in this world has a place and a time for it and maybe now is the time for it to shine. I just feel like it’s extremely saturated and has left very little room for those of us who have remained faithful to the underground. I’ve also noticed the alarming number of young, talented producers diving into this industry as they first get their hands on the perfect, introductory software known as FL Studio 11– That’s how I started at 15 years old! Over the years I’ve always possessed the helpless obsession with the Underground music scene in places like Detroit, Berlin, Amsterdam,  Ibiza, London and Tokyo just to name a few.  Mostly all of my favorite producers and top inspirations reside in one of those places. I also have many close friends from Europe, some of whom are into the music, and others who aren’t; who have informatively expressed their views on how  a place like Berlin would be the ‘Go2’ place for me.  And not just in the realm of music but the realm of ‘ART’ in general.   It’s one of the many international abodes of the many struggling Artists who are meek but strive to let their voice be heard through their various works of art. Well it didn’t take me long to fully understand what my friends were trying to convey….

I remember many years back, watching a movie staring one of my favorite Dj’s titled “Berlin Calling” wiith Paul Kalkbrenner as the main protagonist.  And sure enough it found it’s spot in one of my top 5 favorite films of all time. The reason for that is how the director ingenuously pieced together the widely-known stereotypes and realities of the nightlife  in Berlin.  Not only did I find the movie quite comical, but it gave me good insight on what to expect if I did in-fact decide to relocate to Berlin. Besides the movie, there are a # of reasons as to why I would love to experience life in Berlin, and immerse myself in the culture and community that it has to offer.

159344671_efc4db (1)
With that being said, the time draws near as I have decided to give Berlin a try-later this year, around September-Octoberish to be exact. As for my German? Well, of course I do plan on learning the German Language. Thanks to my German Godmother I  was able to pick up on the basics during my earlier years so I can breeze by in basic conversations. Otherwise, I’ll have alot of ‘studying’ to do. I do however, plan on attending a German School such as a the Goethe Institut  for Language classes or even something a bit cheaper like The Free University of Berlin aka “Freie Universität Berlin.”

“What visa are you getting?”
Hey! You read my mind as I was going to cover that next. …there are multiple types of visas that you can acquire in Germany or anywhere where there is a German Consulate. You can either visit the Berlin Ausländerbehörde (Foreigner’s Office), or visit a Germany Embassy in your home country (if that option is available). Lucky for me, I have a consulate in Houston which is about 2 hours from where I live currently. So long as I meet the requirements and bring all required documents, getting my visa would be a hop, skip and a drive away. For those of you in the US like me, visit this site as it will give a full complete rundown of the entire process. I couldn’t have written it here better than Adam did on his blog.  Furthermore, it took me forever to decide on the type of visa I wanted to acquire. For starters, I wanted to obtain the easiest visa I could get that would give me less of a headache throughout the grueling application process. So due to me already being self employed and also a Freelance Artist,  I undoubtedly settled for the Freelance/Artist visa as it fit my criteria. Now of course…this all comes after acquiring the initial 90day Shengen visa and finalizing my decision to become an actual resident of Germany.



Berlin looks breathtakingly, strikingly beautiful at night. I think this is what many people around the globe find the most appealing about this city. Berlin at night has an indescribable, captivating ambiance  that will almost force you to get off your bum release that wanderlust spirit no matter what day of the week.  Whether you go out alone or with friends, it seems to be the perfect place to satisfy your desires nonetheless.  And the party culture is out of this world as I feel like Berlin does an excellent job with preserving the true art and enjoyment of Electronic Music or just music in general in various nightclubs.  I pray that one day my own talent is supportive enough to push me to the Dj booth rather than being a crowd wanderer for too long.  Either way, I love to surrender myself to the music. Another very compelling reason for me to one day call Berlin my “home away from home”.

This is probably the top most sought out and anticipated  part about Germany for me on my bucketlist. In fact…. it’s on my bucketlists’ bucketlist!


Moreover, I truly believe that Germany will be more of an eye-opening experience. And not just Germany, but all of my other travel destinations in between. Not only will it allow me to connect with other like-minded individuals, create new relationships and fabricate lifelong memories, but I’ll also learn more about myself that I probably never knew before. And I think that’s the beauty of traveling and venturing out beyond the horizons.  Life can simply be lived in black and white, but  the beauty lies in the colors that you share with others. It all starts with a dream and the desire to “jump” and take that first step. I may not  see the whole staircase quite yet, but I’m going on faith alone.  And hopefully that same faith will give me a plethora of wonderful stories to share with you here on this blog in the future.  So stay tuned… )

sehen Sie später meine Freunde….!🙂

“We travel not to escape life, but for life to NOT escape us….”

First blog post after a 2+ year hiatus (The Story so Far)

My very last post on this blog was exactly August 21st, 2013. Shortly after that, I had gone through what I claim as the darkest “time” in my life. So dark that my fond love for blogging had become an unintentional, abandoned hobby. But interestingly enough, in retrospect it ended up being the best 2 years of my life. So astonishing that I have no choice BUT to revive this dead hobby of mine, and share my experience and the many lessons (both good and bad) I have learned, with the world. Here is my life in the last 2 years, in one blog post.

August of 2013 felt like a time when my world came crashing down. I found out that my best friend was murdered,  I was frequenting the emergency room due to health conditions and fighting pneumonia, and to top it all off; had to endure a gut-wrenching breakup. Once that happened, I made the promise that I would start “dating myself” , rather than quickly throwing myself out in the dating pool as a means of coping or playing a game of rebound. This gave me a chance to recover and recharge my batteries. To love and respect myself more. But I felt like it could only be done if I left the city for good. So that’s what I did. After losing my job, my car, and almost the roof over my head, I left the city in search for a better job, better opportunities,  to ultimately create a better life for myself.


I remember days when I would look out the window and envision being near the beach some day. To experience life in a different perspective overseas. To establish new friendships and become more in-tuned with nature. I was getting tired of “day dreaming” and wanted this to soon become a reality! So after becoming damn near homeless, debt-fed and penniless, my grandma opted to take me in and help me find a job so I can get back on my own two feet. Luckily, within a few weeks of moving in after blasting my resume to various companies, a job opportunity fell from the clouds right into my lap. I would soon be working for Samsung Inc. fulltime making $16/hour.


When this happened, I felt as if I was on top of the world because I just knew that this opportunity would be the catalyst to helping me get back on the right track. My main goal was to save as much money as possible so that I would be better prepared incase any other unfortunate emergencies arose like what happened in the past. I busted my butt at this job working 12 hour shifts for an entire year and saved as much as I could. I wanted to be able to retire well below my 60’s. However, I knew that in order to do that, I had to live extremely frugal and dedicate my savings to get there in a remarkably short time. I quickly learned that being independently wealthy is every bit as much about limiting needs as it is about how much money you have.  I even taught myself finance and investing on the side, and the importance of developing a good portfolio at a young age (21).

But something that I found even more interesting caught my attention very fast, and this is when everything took a change of course (positive), in a completely different direction. It all started with a conversation that I had with my dad over the phone who asked me this one question, “Have you ever heard of Day Trading?” Upon giving me some flyby details and his own insight, I immediately Googled “Day Trading“. And from that day forward, it was the beginning of my new-found passion and helpless addiction.

Anyways, let’s fast forward to the meat and potatoes of this post. Remember earlier when I had expressed my desire to be near the beach and experience life overseas???
After working my job at Samsung for about a year, saving up money and learning to become more self-employed from Day trading, I made the daring decision to quit my job and fly to the Caribbean. What set that whole plan in motion was my moms long-lived dream to move to the Virgin Islands to expand her business and catch a break from the hard-knocks of American Hustle. She simply asked me if I wanted to tag along with her on this journey so I said,”sure why not!” And that ladies and gentlemen, is when my whole life changed right before my eyes….


I was so excited about going to the Caribbean that I wanted to teach myself another new hobby. So I went to BestBuy and invested in some Photography gear. In late October of 2014, me and my mom, together, both booked a same-flight, one-way ticket to Saint Croix, Virgin Islands.

Upon arriving at the Virgin Islands, I remember taking as many photos as I possibly could as soon as I stepped foot off the plane. I was very obsessed with photography and the art of capturing many landscapes on camera. Me and my mom stayed in a hotel for about a week before we moved into her condo. For the next 4 months, me and my mother ventured all around the island, cruising around and visiting literally over 30 beaches in total. You can see some of my photos below…
To see MANY more of my snapshots or just my whole experience in general, visit my Instagram here: http://www.instagram/com/suigeneris1992 

Pure bliss, pure beauty, pure nature…. These are the places I would frequent day in and day out. I caught the wanderlust bug and I let it consume me. I was a beach-dweller. But what if I told you that it all get’s even better than this?!?!?!

Flying to Puerto Rico- Feb. 2015

So one day I woke up and thought to myself, what if I started working in a  Hostel? I would still be near the beach. And in addition,  establish new friendships and become more in-tuned with nature. No more day dreaming because reality has just begun.🙂

So I shared the news with my mother and she thought it would be the perfect thing for me to do. I then started applying for various Hostels around Puerto Rico when I got a call back the very next day from one of the Hostels, and was hired the same day over the phone. All I needed to do was buy the plane ticket to get there! So I did…to San Juan, Puerto Rico! You can view my photos below.

Bottom left: Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Bottom Right: Playa de Isla Verde in San Juan, PR. 

Over the next 8 months, I was working in Hostel in one of the most popular and touristy cities known worldwide, living not even 10 minutes within walking distance from the beach. I established life-long friendships,  ventured all around the Island and become MUCH more in-tuned with nature. And I’ll be blatantly honest, I’ve seen the darkness, and I’ve seen the light. Puerto Rico was full of enriching experiences, but also very strange and quarreling instances which I will share in later posts. Not to mention, you will never have better and more interesting stories to tell your grandchildren until you’ve worked at a Youth Hostel….I PROMISE YOU. LOL!

At the end of the day, my entire experience in Puerto Rico has been extremely humbling nonetheless, and made me appreciate the life that I come from back at home more.  I’ve witnessed alot, done things I’m not proud of, have seen the light and have seen the darkness. It also made me realize that I should never ever take things for granted. I am so grateful, thankful and blessed for everything I’ve experienced out here and the people I’ve met. Since flying to the Caribbean, I have literally been to over 50 beaches (most of which I can name off the top of my head), have made countless lifelong friendships from the four corners of the earth, have picked up the Spanish language, and have touched the hearts of many others as they have touched mine.

The photo gallery below pretty much sums up my entire experience in Puerto Rico. View more on my Instragram here: http://www.instagram.com/suigeneris1992

To conclude this post, I just want to say that no matter what you are going through in life, no matter where you come from or what you do, YOU have the power to make things happen- in the blink of an eye. In the past, I would have NEVER thought I could do everything I did in such a short amount of time at such a young age. It all started with my desire to love myself more and worry about the things that would only improve my well-being rather than damper it. As of this month, November 2015, I am back home in the states, recharging my batteries and planning ahead for my next adventure. Now that I have taken you along my two year journey and caught you up to today’s date, I hope you can stick around on this blog so we can witness the journey’s ahead to come, together!!

Thankyou very much for reading🙂

Picture above: Sandy Point Beach, Frederiksted, Saint Croix- Virgin Islands. Taken November 2014

“The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it…”
-W. M. Lewis