The Truth about Roman Catholicism Beware!!! (Throw-back 2013)


WOW what a throwback! I remember uploading this video on my Youtube channel and it quickly amassed many views. Now it has gained over 100,000 views!

Here is a video I put together explaining the truth about the Roman Catholic Church. This is through years of study and research. Some parts of the video also includes sources as to where you can get ahold of such information yourself. I will also provide links here in the description to other sources as well.

I hope you find this video both informative and intriguing. Please subscribe to my channel for more educational videos on the worlds best kept secrets.



*The laws of Catholicism include the Catechisms=laws that govern the Catholic Church. And the Cannons of the Church=laws fabricated and written by men to deny the pure and simple gospel of Christ.*

(More info on the Roman Catholic Inquisition, visit

1. Church Tradition (traditions of men) was declared OFFICIALLY to be of EQUAL AUTHORITY TO THE BIBLE by the Council of Trent in 1545 A.D. (More info)

Catholic Catechisms for adults. (Buy the book here or do a search and view it online)

.The exaltation of Mary; the term “Mother of God” applied at Council of Ephesus 43 A.D



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The DARK SIDE of Technology | Part 2 *SHOCKING*

part 2.png


And there you have it everyone! Part 2 is up!

Welcome to part 2 of the “Dark Side of Technology” part of the “Grey Pill” series.

So far in part one, we have already learned that in this brave and scary world of technology. But it get’s EVEN MORE SHOCKING!!!



And as promised, here are all the links to the research and information in regards to the vehicle hacks, as shared in the video below:


How to hack a car (Phreaked Out) –

Chrysler Hack Recall (1.4 MILLION vehicles):

Hacker Remotely crasheS jeep from 10 miles away:

Hacker steals more than 30 jeeps and Dodges in houston!!


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The DARK SIDE of Technology | (Part 1)


Hello Everyone!

I just uploaded a new video to add to the ‘Grey Pill’ series playlist titled “The Dark Side of Technology (Part 1)”. 

Technology” How many of us use it? Or even more importantly, how often do we use it?

Technology has become such a booming industry over the past couple of decades that it has completely consumed mankind- which has led to both good causes and bad.  Technology to me, is a double edged sword. It can be extremely beneficial- it can make life easier, it can save lives- technology can be a gateway to a universe of information. However, It’s obvious to note that technology can cause a lot of harm if put in the wrong hands. …

In this video I am going to show you some very MIND BLOWING facts about the dark side of technology that many of you probably didn’t even think was possible.  What makes this even more interesting is that some of these are done with very little effort.  I put together this video to educate you on how easy it is for someone to snoop on your or steal your information. I’ll be talking about things such as….person dressed up as a janitor walking into an IT building in hopes of acquiring top secret information through social engineering. And I’ll also make you think twice the next time you use any piece of technology, be it a cellphone or computer, or the next time you look up at a surveillance camera. Just know that there are people out there on the other side of these various devices that have access to YOUR world.


Choosing a strong wifi password:


“How to Tap Your Network and See Everything That Happens On It” (LIFE-HACKER ARTICLE HOW-TO):

PERMANENTLY delete files and folders off of your computer:

DISCLAIMER: “Please DO NOT try any of these methods at home. You can and WILL face disciplinary action which may lead to punishment through the LAW. The methods shared in this video are for informational purposes ONLY  to help people become more aware of the many flaws within technology that we THOUGHT was secure. Again, please do not try this at home. I do not condone in ANY malicious, black-hat activity and neither should you. “


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“Are you a Psychopath?” *A MIND-Blowing Analysis*

are you a psychopath.png

RayneofLyte “Grey Pill” series..

VIDEO HERE: “Are you a Psychopath?” A MIND-BLOWING Analysis

Now the question, “are you a psychopath” does not necessarily mean that if you were to take a test on psychopathy and ace it, you would be judged as a potential murderer or something crazy like that. No. not at all. A psychopath is simply just someone who lacks emotions and empathy, or the ability to identify with others. However, psychologists and researchers for decades have conducted, tried and tested numerous social experiments to help identify a person who may have “psychopath TENDENCIES”, which means that a person who possesses psychopath tendencies or traits, are more likely to answer a specific question either by a definitive answer, or in a peculiar manner.

“THE H-FACTORY OF PERSONALITY” BOOK: Buy a physical copy of the book here:



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“5 Expensive TOP SECRET books + FREE PDF’s!”

5 top secret.png

This is the very first video of a new series that I started called “The Grey Pill” series where I talk about all things mainly related to conspiracy theories, information sharing, etc etc.

VIDEO HERE: “5 Expensive TOP SECRET books + FREE PDF’s!”

The 5 books I am about to share with you in this video, will expose and shed light on some highly controversial topics that I feel should be addressed and brought to everyone’s attention. These books will quickly allude information in reference to hidden history, DISTORTED history, scholarly work regarding mass indoctrination and global manipulation, leaked information exposed by a former NASA employee, and more…some of these books are also very complex to read and it definitely requires a certain level of brainpower and comprehension to say the least.



Link to the books on AMAZON so you can see the price:

BOOK 1: Judea Trembles Under Rome: The Untold Details of the Greek and Roman Military Domination of Ancient Palestine during the Time of Jesus of Galilee. – by Rudolph Windsor (1994)
($7,500) –

BOOK 2: Russian Icons 1st Edition- by Vladimir Ivanov (1990) ($750) –

BOOK 3: The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, and Political. – By John Coleman (2006-08-02)
($729) –

BOOK 4: Ring makers of Saturn – by Norman R. Bergrun (1986) ($5,900) –

Book 4: Ring makers of Saturn – by Norman R. Bergrun (1986)
($10,000) –


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“The Essene Gospel of Peace” Book Series – Playlist

The Essense Gospel of Peace Books.png

Here is the “The Essense Gospel of Peace” book series uploaded on my Youtube Channel.

‘The Essenes’ were a third religious sect during the time of Christ who completely separated themselves from all society which was populated by wicked priests and jews- they then migrated out from Jerusalem into the wilderness of the desert, and studied and practiced high levels of spirituality and wisdom- later proclaiming themselves as the new sacred community.

The “Essene Gospel of Peace” in its entirety, covers an extreme deeper understanding of Mother Nature, the importance of health and fasting, the vision of Enoch, the mysteries of the Holy Streams and other amazing contents. And you’ll discover how all of these contents link together.

[You can Purchase a PHYSICAL copy of this book here]:

For a Free PDF copy of the book, visit the link here:


“The Forgotten Books of Eden” Book Series – Playlist


“The Forgotten Books of Eden” series is a video series I posted on my Youtube Channel. It gives you a deeper understanding of what went on during the time of Adam and Eve, and also explains a lot that happen in their personal lives. It is the untold story of Adam and Eve not fully covered in Genesis.

[To purchase a physical copy of the “Forgotten Books of Eden” visit the link here:]

Free PDF Download here:


The Untold Story of Adam and Eve



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“Cave of Treasure” Books – Playlist Series (March 2016)

cot series.png

*The Untold secrets of Genesis*


The “COT (Cave of Treasures) series is the first of many biblical book series posted on my Youtube Channel. The “COT” series is a follow-up to another video on the channel titled “75 Books Removed from the ORIGINAL Bible”, in which I share an audio-narrative format of various biblical books removed from the Bible.

COT series takes place after Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden. And it mainly goes deeper into WHY Adam and Eve were EXPELLED from the Garden.

[Get a physical copy of the Cave of Treasures book here:]




“75 Books removed from the Original Bible” (March 2016)

75 books.png

Here’s a video that I uploaded to my Youtube Channel titled “75 Books Removed from the Original Bible!” 

How many books are in the Bible? Over 75+ books…

“Hello ladies and gentlemen of Youtube and welcome to my newest video titled “75 books removed from the original Hebrew Bible”. The reason why I am making this video is because I feel as though religious people who read and study the bible actively, unfortunately aren’t studying a book that is in its complete form. What religious people around the world fail to remember is that there were OVER 75 books suspiciously removed from the current biblical cannon. It wasn’t 14 books like a lot of people were made to believe, in fact, the 14 books that they speak of are actually found in the Apocrypha, which is actually ONE of the 75 books removed from the Bible. So as you can imagine, right then and there we’re already missing out on sooo much information that I feel could answer the questions of believers and even non-believers. And whether people take scriptural information as factual or allegorical forms of literature, it doesn’t matter because regardless I feel like the true and COMPLETE gospel should be known to everyone, that way we all have a better understanding of “why” this happened and why this “didn’t” happen.”

DOWNLOAD LINK (these are obviously not ALL of the books, but many of them can be found here):


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