Flaws about Atheism & Science


As we all know, Atheism is accurately defined as the denial of the assumptions of theism. The theist believes that there is a God operating and running the universe; he declares that the idea of such a God is necessary to an understanding of life; he offers various arguments or, as he calls them, evidences for his God Idea.
Today, it seems like Atheists are commonly participating in debates with the likes of Religious folk, whether it be in real life debates or cyber debates. They often rely on science as a tool to back-up their claims, and to reinforce their opinions towards specific topics. However, there are many flaws and misconceptions that Atheists fail to consider, as well as science.

Atheists always declare that in order to prove that their is a God, then there must be some sort of tangible evidence, which can lead to or prove the existence of God. They believe in what can be ‘seen’ by the naked eye, and that anything that cannot be physically seen has a possibility of being non-existence. My question to Atheists is, we know that love and many other different emotions exist because that is instilled in our hearts and our spirit since the day we were born, so do we have to physically see it to know that it exists? Note: I’m talking about the emotion itself, not the expression, so don’t try it. lol

Since Atheism relies heavily on the theoretical assumptions associated with Science, they believe in evolution and the famous well known “Big Bang Theory”. I will point out two noticeable flaws within these theories.

Starting with the Theory of Evolution, according to Charles Darwin in it’s simplest definition; it is claimed that humans evolved from apes and share the same genus with the primates of the Hominidae family. And that overtime, we gradually evolved to become humans or homo-sapiens


Now first of all, when it comes to evolution, that would mean that if something evolved from something else, then it’s earlier stages should have already died off. Not to mention, DNA can change. And those changes are called mutations. Evolution doesn’t work as fast because if the DNA of a human changed too drastically, they would not be able to reproduce with other humans. So with that being said, if we evolved from Apes, then apes should no longer be in existence. Now I’m not all about attacking strawmen, but I have really tried to understand the Theory of Evolution, and to me it seems flawed. Atheists should try to understand the ORIGIN of evolution, rather than jumping the timeline.

Another flaw that I wanted to point out is in reference to the Big Bang Theory. Not the show, because the show is kickass. But the theory that is used as a counter argument for the existence of God. Scientists and atheists alike, believe that the universe came from a ‘god particle’ or the belief that nothing exploded into everything. First of all, I have yet to see a human or animal come out of a firecracker. Scientists and atheists believe that faith means nothing, and that faith doesn’t have anywhere close to the amount of credibility evidence has. They also try to debunk religious believers with the nonsensical questions like, “where were you when God created the heavens and the earth? Where you there to witness it? Unless you took pictures or have cold hard proof of that happening, I don’t want to hear another word come out of your mouth.” Seems like Atheists and Scientists should also try to understand the ORIGIN of the Big Bang Theory as well. If you are so focused on going back to the beginning which you truly believe is the beginning, then try going beyond what you believe is the beginning. See how unlimited the possibilities are?
But my questions to atheist and scientists are these, “Where were YOU when the Big Bang happened? Were you around to witness it? AND DOESN’T IT TAKE A LEVEL OF FAITH TO *BELIEVE* THAT IT OCCURRED????” Scientists use faith in all their theories and their assumptions, because even though it has not been proven or disproved, they still believe it to be true. When they’re about to prove or debunk something as a myth with a hypothesis and a test, they have FAITH that such outcomes will be in there favor. They are continuously contradicting their position. I don’t know about you, but that sounds hypocritical to me. Believe it or not, Atheism and Science have alot in common with generic religion. Some have gone so far as to say that they are actually religions.
Atheists always come across as such intellectual people, which don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some highly intelligent Atheists out there, but one thing I don’t like is how atheists tend to attack unlearned Christians/believers. If you don’t believe in God atheists, then why spend so much time on people who believe? If you do not believe, then that doesn’t make you an expert to contend with believers. Try not to play on the ignorance of Christians and other believers who have not learned about their religion on a scholarly level. And also, if you don’t believe in the bible and all the many contradictions you claim that it holds, doesn’t that make you unqualified to say what is right and wrong within it?

I could go on for days about the many flaws because it is never ending, but I think it’s wrong and a waste of time to attack those who believe.
And I will conclude this post with one of my favorite quotes,
“An atheist is a man who believes himself an accident.”
~ Francis Thompson

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  2. “if you don’t believe in the bible and all the many contradictions you claim that it holds, doesn’t that make you unqualified to say what is right and wrong within it?”

    Do I have to believe that Harry Potter is real in order to point out plot holes in the books? Or have did you not really think that part through?

    • Of course I have already thunk that part though. To bring up the Harry Potter book doesn’t really prove a point though. The reason behind that is because Harry Potter is a fictional book which started from an author jotting down random stuff on restaurant napkins. Whereas the Bible, (IMO) is a book compiled of the true history of the world and man, written by those inspired by god. But I’m not an “Anti-Harry Potterist” who will spend his time attacking the book, when the book simply does not interest me. That is the point I am trying to make. It makes no sense to attack something and point out flaws within a piece of literature if you simply do not believe in the content that it holds. And I notice that alot of Atheists make it a mission to do so.

      • You do not believe in evolution, so why do you argue against it? It makes no sense to attack something and point out “flaws” within a piece of scientific study if you simply do not believe in the content that it holds.

      • And that is where you fail. That is a small minded attempt to use my OWN logic against me because you could not refute the argument in your own terms. Be creative and come up with your own. Never in this post did I say I DID NOT FULLY believe in Evolution, I simply stated that evolution has flaws within it and I don’t agree with the way it tries to go against creationism. Now because you made that as a counter-argument, I assume you are obviously an atheist, which means that you do not believe in have no affiliation whatsoever with the bible or creationism. Whereas I, an open minded believer, never stated that I DON’T believe in evolution, but pointed out certain flaws within it. Incase you haven’t known, their is scientific creationism and religious creationism. Scientific creationism is the belief that the account of creation in the early chapters of Genesis is scientifically as well as religiously valid and that it can be supported by scientific evidence apart from scriptural authority. So while you rely solely on evolution as a denomination of science, open minded believers like myself can actually use your own tools (science) against you like you tried to do in that comment. You rely on science but don’t believe in God, and I believe in God, and believe in science as well, but don’t believe in the FLAWS that science uses to REJECT the existence of God. Really think before you post. Good day

  3. You ask – “If you don’t believe in God atheists, then why spend so much time on people who believe?”

    Do you not follow the news? Your religious books which were written 2000 years ago is influencing social policy today. Marriage rights, choice rights and my ability to buy beer on Sunday mornings are all inhibited because of the bible. These are all personal moral issues for which the religions associated with the bible force me and other unbelievers to subscribe to. I, like most atheists, could give a shit what you choose to believe in. But I’ve had 40 years on this earth to decide my personal morals and am not happy when I have others’ imposed on me or my loved ones.

    • Thankyou for your comment Doug. I do understand the point you are trying to make. Except, please understand that I myself am not a religious extremist. I follow no religion, I believe that all religions are actually at fault of what has demonized and ruined the credibility of the Bible, Jesus, and God. You are right, people don’t like to feel like they are forced into a certain way of life but that’s why we were given freewill.
      Never have I, or ever will I force my beliefs on someone else. Or make someone feel like they are “going to hell” just because they do not believe in the same morals that I do. I’m not that type of person, people like that have their heads so tightly wrapped around religion it’s ridiculous. I don’t even believe in a literal physical “hell”, I believe it is more of a condition of suffering. See this is what I’m talking about. I don’t let religion shrink the size of my brain and develop a sense of hatred or isolation towards those who do not believe in the same thing I do. But I will however, point out the different flaws in different religions that just make no sense to me. I also want to say thankyou for your open-minded comment sir. I got some other comments that I couldn’t even approve because of the sheer amount of stupidity and militant atheistic behavior. Makes my soul cry. Good day to you.

      • You say: “Never have I, or ever will I force my beliefs on someone else.”

        But that is the problem with religion. Everyone who argues for it says that they don’t force their beliefs on anyone. Yet we still have blue laws and people arguing against equal rights for everyone. And when you ask them about it they say “Cause God says so in the bible.”

        So maybe you as an individual may not force beliefs on anyone, but folks have for the past 2000 years decided to use the bible to do just that. The problem is that it was written so long ago that it just cannot apply anymore. No one truly believes Noah’s story (do they?), yet it is an official part of the canon. And it forces people to make up a bunch of bullshit so that they can justify their actions upon which they base on their interpretation of other parts of the book.

        Then we have folks like you who,and I apologize if I am putting words in your mouth, will claim that some of the more absurd parts of the bible are allegorical. But we don’t have a user’s manual to tell us which parts are real and which parts are story. And to be specific, the one that is really messed up is the story of the creation of Adam and Eve. If it is real, then the entire species is the result of incestuous relationships amongst the first humans – or it completely eliminates the story of original sin and negates the need for god to sacrifice himself to himself to save all of us from the hell which he created because he loves us so much. It really just doesn’t make sense even if you are not contrasting it with scientific explanation.

      • Yes, but then again, people who believe in different things; depending on how strict they are with imposing or even just sharing their beliefs with someone else is not always “forcing” their beliefs on someone else. And that’s exactly what I have done in this post. I simply shared my beliefs with others, but never did I threaten someone or condemn them to the slightest bit of suffering because they’re part of the opposition. You are correct 100% and I totally agree. Religion has infiltrated peoples mind into thinking that whoever does not follow the same thing they believe in, they are shit out of luck. During my atheist days, I used to say things like “It is reported that there are over 1000 religions in the world, so how are we supposed to know which religion is right and which religion is wrong?”

        Trust me I had my days of skepticism. But then I realized that if you believe in God or any other high power, you don’t necessarily NEED to follow a religion. Because no where in the bible does it teach that we should follow a prime religion. The only thing we are taught to do is to follow the laws, statues and commandments and to accept Christ, and to treat OTHERS with respect. Yes the bible has been written so long ago, but to me, it still applies. Anyone who has read the bible (And It doesn’t even have to be front to back) will realize that everything found in the bible, both the old testament and the new, has foreshadowed everything that has been happening and is happening as we speak. But that’s a whole nother topic. And I’m not sure if no one truly believes Noah’s story, because I do not personally know everyone so I can’t feed a generalization like that.
        Now I myself am in the process of developing a better understanding of the Bible. My mother is very knowledgeable when it comes to the bible and believe me Doug, there are still things in the Bible that I point out to her, simply because it does not make sense to me or I just need a better interpretation of it. And it still goes on till this day. But overall, the point is, you have to have faith to believe in something even if it happened thousands or even BILLIONS of years ago (wink wink). And in regards to the creation of Adam and Eve, it doesn’t surprise me that is seems blasphemous to you. Some people would like to believe that they slept with their own brothers and sisters to populate the nations. It just goes to show that people need to really read the bible for understanding and wonder why it is such a mystery to them. You can’t just go to church on Sunday and think the preacher will tell you everything you need to know, or skim over Genesis and make a quick assumption. There are a lot of preachers and religious folk that are just as lost as people who refute that story. To be honest, I personally do not believe that Adam and Eve were the first human beings on earth, but where the first representations of Gods creation. There is a book titled “The lost books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden” which explains this alot more in-depth. Ever heard of those? If not, Google is your friend. You can get your hands on a physical copy like I have, if you choose to…
        See, if you are really seeking for answers, then you will be lead to things that can better answer your questions. But you have to do your homework first like the rest of us.
        This piece of literature was one of the many books removed from the Bible by the Roman Catholic Church to confuse people. Again, there are reasons behind what we don’t really understand and it’s up to the individual to do his own research to come to his OWN conclusions, and not to the conclusions of those within his belief system. And by the way, God didn’t sacrifice himself, he sacrificed his only begotten son (Christ) to pay for the wages of our sin to save our own asses. Your quote ” to save all of us from the hell which he created because he loves us so much.” Seems to me like your idea of Hell is similar to those who believe in a literal place of torture. First of all, where else would Satan live? And Hell was not originally created for man, it was created for Satan/Lucifer and all of his minions/demons, but for people who choose to follow that path, why wouldn’t God put them in a place where they belong???? And they had the choice, so It’s only fair, and that is why God is called a “Just” God. He is fair. But the problem is this, people are more interested in creating their own rules, their own Gods, and their own belief systems and say that you are your own God and you can do whatever you want in life. People like that are afraid of discipline, and it’s easy to come up with something that justifies all of your evil intentions and dirty works throughout your life, knowing that their is no punishment for what you have done. Take an atheist rapist for example.
        Now I tried explaining this all in the simplest way possible without dabbling to deep into my beliefs because no offense, but it seems like their is more for you to seek and learn on your own, but that’s only if you choose to do so. I hope everything I typed in this comment has shed some light on the situation. Thankyou for your comment and good day sir! :)

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